Le Labo

"Alix and her team gave our brand a global stage to shine, with the sharp mind of a business woman and the sensibility of a brand builder. We are forever grateful for her creative problem-solving attitude and her ability to just make stuff happen.”

Fabrice Penot, Co-Founder, Le Labo Fragrances



"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Alix both in her previous capacity at Fairmont as a strategic partner of our Reebok brand, and more recently on strategy work for our BOKS Before School Kids Fitness program. Alix brings a unique blend of optimism, passion, creativity and strategic thinking to each and every challenge she tackles. She astutely understands how to balance bringing out the best in brands while navigating business pressures, and would be a valued asset in any client’s strategic mix."

Michael Rossi
President of Adidas Group Canada.


“Many marketeers actually don’t like consumers and find them annoyingly demanding and capricious. They have no hope of creating great brands.  The few that genuinely love consumers, foibles and eccentricities included, are the only ones that can build great brands. Alexandra Blum is one of the latter, which makes it unsurprising how successful she is at brand communications.”

Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor and currently #1 ranked management thinker in world.  He is also former Dean and current Institute Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto in Canada.