Brand Strategy

Let our "out of the box" creative concepts elevate your brand, and create a roadmap for commercial success.

A powerful and compelling brand value proposition makes it easier for clients to understand who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should buy from you. Let Silver Lining fine-tune your brand communications strategy and ensure that all stakeholders are unified with the brand’s meaning and personality.

Brand Storytelling

Our intent-driven content connects with consumers on an emotional level and gives them a reason to buy from you.

We understand the risk and reward “dance moves” required to excel in this exciting area of marketing. We align brands with common values, goals and objectives to requires to extend yourboth brand’s’ reach and enhance their customer interactions..


Partnership Initiatives

“Behind some of the greatest success stories of our time, you'll find one common denominator – strategic partnerships.”

Our passion is bringing brands together in exciting and innovative ways to elevate and extend each brand’s reach.


Powerful Communication Strategies

We tell everyone about you! And show you how to win in this crazy new world where every customer is an Influencer — or a Detractor. 

Our proven brand communications best practices, relationship marketing, and content development expertise lead to enhanced brand performance and improved customer experience.

New Product Launches

Want to expand your product line or introduce a new service? 

Starting with the initial proposal all the way to partnerships and execution, we ensure that your great ideas are positioned for success.

Brand Refresh

We make your brand sing!

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. We offer a tenacious and informed set of external eyes that can see your brand as a consumer would. Silver Lining is fixated on consumer actions and on understanding what informs buying decisions – this impacts everything we do in evolving brands and ensuring that they evoke emotion and create memorable experiences.


Brand Extensions

We create a roadmap for new vessels and opportunities that will enhance the customer experience and increase revenue.

Once customers know and love your brand, they want more of it! We dive into the intent behind customer interactions and devise a transition strategy that will segway your brand story into new consumer vessels that translate to increased engagement and revenue share.



Lifestyle Management

Think of us as a concierge service for your business that connects you with top ranked bespoke talent.

Our client concierge service is unique in that it operates inbecause it focusses on a B-to-B capacity. You need to be shiny on the inside in order to be shine on the outside. We dive into consumer touch points to identify services that will drive consumer loyalty and satisfaction, and increase ease of customer operations. Examples are call centres, client gifting and loyalty clubs to name a few.


Internal Communications

Increase employee alignment to ensure company vision is effectively communicated and brand messaging remains consistent.

To shine on the outside, you need to shine on the inside. As companies grow, it can become increasingly difficult to keep everyone aligned with the company vision and on the same page in terms of delivering consistent messaging and exceptional customer service. Silver Lining aims to be an extension of your internal communications in order to keep all employees on the same page and excited about the company vision.